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For Professionals

Why Should You Recommend the Dynamover Knee Compression Sleeve to Your Patients?

The Dynamover knee compression sleeve has a patented weaving technology that gives your patient the freedom to keep moving with comfortable support. The five zone technology offers the right amount of targeted compression along with the flexibility for natural movement of the knee. Dynamover has a double layer weave to keep it in place and a honeycomb weave to limit skin irritation and wick away moisture.

Resources for Your Patients

We offer a variety of supporting resources and documentation to help keep you and your patients informed.

Proven Results with Dynamover

2X greater stretch

In a study on elongation and compression, Dynamover achieved twice the stretch of other knee braces.

Better Balance

In an angle analysis assessment, patients using Dynamover achieved better balance because of the lower angle (6.35).**

Flexible Support

In patient reports of varied levels of comfort with different braces, 65% of patients preferred Dynamover over other soft-type braces.

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