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Dynamover Knee Compression Sleeve

$ 59.99

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Looking for knee support that's comfortable and supportive like a knee brace?

Dynamover Knee Compression Sleeve 

Featured & Benefits

The Dynamover’s patented weaving technology provides targeted compression by combining five distinctive weaving designs in a single sleeve. It is lightweight, flexible, and stable enough to remedy a variety of knee conditions, offering the ideal balance of comfort and support as compared to other knee braces.

Patented Weaving Technology — 5 Targeted Zones for Comfort and Support

•The Targeted Compression Zone :Offers the right amount of targeted compression around the patella .The Targeted compression Zone features an anisotropic design, an optimal stretch weave, which offers the right amount of targeted compression around the patella.

In general, Compression is known to retain heat, optimize blood flow, and control swelling to prevent further injury.

    •The Comfort Zone : Allows for more flexibility around the knee and thigh without mobile restrictions.The Comfort Zone is a moderate stretch weave which allows for more flexibility around the knee and thigh without mobile restrictions.
      •The Slip Prevention Zone :Keeps sleeve in place with unique double layer weave .The Slip Prevention Zone helps the sleeve remain in place during vigorous exercise, providing continuous support and comfort while preventing unnecessary interruptions in workout routines.

        •The Stabilized Support Zone : Adjusts compression around the patella and stabilizes the knee.The Stabilized Support Zone is a high-density weave that adjusts compression around the patella and stabilizes the knee which provides stable and more confident movement.

        In general, the knee and thigh are stabilized to either aid in the recovery of an injured knee or to be used as a preventative measure.

          •The Enhanced Breathable Zone : Delivers flexibility and breathability with over 600% elongation. The Enhanced Breathable Zone limits skin irritation and wicks away moisture for comfortable wear, making the sleeve less likely to retain odor.


          • Seamless Knitting
          • Low Profile — thin and light enough to wear under clothing
          • Available in eight sizes (0-7)
          • Fabric Content — 85% polyester, 15% polyurethane
          • Latex Free
          • 30-Day No-Risk Return Policy
          • Designed in USA
          • Made in Japan


          Customer Reviews

          Customer Reviews

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          General Benefits of Compression

          • • Control swelling to prevent further injury and reduce pain 1,2,3,4,5
          • • Optimize blood flow for improved joint health and healing 1,2,3,4,5
          • • Retain warmth to improve mobility and accelerate the healing process 6,7,8
          • • Decrease impact vibration which can cause irritation and swelling 9
          • • Improve joint tracking to reduce friction, pain, and inflammation 10,11
          • • Provide a sense of stability for more comfortable, confident movement 10,11

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