Rising Photo voltaic Power Output by Oversizing a PV System

With the considerable daylight in Australia, photo voltaic vitality has grow to be an ideal various to conventional vitality sources in family and enterprise properties. Nonetheless, after putting in photo voltaic panels, it usually produces much less output than rated on the system. Nicely, that’s as a result of photo voltaic modules’ effectivity will get affected by many exterior components.

Due to this fact, many manufacturers concentrate on oversizing the PV array to make sure you get the utmost output with out spending an excessive amount of on different elements. However what’s oversizing, and the way does it assist in rising the vitality output? Discover out extra under.

What’s Oversizing a PV array?

Oversizing refers to designing a photo voltaic PV array in order that the photo voltaic panels can produce extra energy (DC) than the inverter can convert into AC energy. It means you put in extra photo voltaic modules than the inverter can deal with.

Typically, we set up photo voltaic panels in an array delivering energy equal to the inverter capability. So no vitality will get clipped or misplaced because of extra manufacturing. Proper? Whereas this appears like the proper mixture, it’s not all the time sensible. A photo voltaic system could ship 20% much less vitality than the promised quantity due to photo voltaic module losses. Due to this fact, many corporations have began providing mismatched solar energy packages, like a 6.6 kW photo voltaic array with a 5kW inverter that may ship most output.

Causes Why You Ought to Oversize Your PV Array

1. Maximize Photo voltaic Power Throughout Peak Time

Most Australian states obtain 6-8 hours of daylight, making it appropriate for harnessing most solar energy to scale back electrical energy dependence. However due to adjustments in solar angle, panels could not obtain correct daylight all through such a time window.

Due to this fact, oversizing your PV Array can work as an efficient technique to maximize photo voltaic vitality throughout peak hours. Since PV costs have declined in the previous few years, you don’t want to take a position lots to generate extra energy.

2. Successfully use Photo voltaic Inverter’s Capability

PV modules have particular rankings primarily based on their efficiency throughout Commonplace Take a look at Circumstances (STC). However in actuality, these situations change, inflicting the photo voltaic module to ship much less vitality than the acknowledged quantity.

For example, photo voltaic panels are examined at 25°C, whereas PV arrays function at a better temperature than 25° C throughout photo voltaic midday (when the earth receives most daylight). It reduces the photo voltaic panel’s output by 20-25%. So by overpowering the PV array, you possibly can improve the solar energy and match it with the Inverters AC capability.

3. Enhance System’s Effectivity

The photo voltaic inverter works extra effectively when working at most capability. However sadly, photo voltaic panels don’t work at their full potential. It means they may ship much less DC to the inverter, impacting the effectivity of the inverter. So by oversizing the PV array, you’ll successfully improve programs effectivity.

4. Decrease the General Price of Photo voltaic Power

When oversizing the PV array, chances are you’ll discover it pricey because of the extra price of racking the array and putting in extra panels. Nonetheless, oversizing doesn’t require spending on the additional stability of programs.

So with the reasonably priced costs of photo voltaic panels in Gold Coast, you possibly can generate desired energy with out spending an excessive amount of. It’ll finally decrease the general price of vitality produced by the system.

5. Reduces the Price of the Inverter

While you oversize a PV array, it’ll generate extra DC energy, serving to you to match the inverter’s AC capability. It means you don’t have to spend on the inverter with a better AC capability.

Therefore, it’ll scale back the associated fee incurred on the inverter and make it comparatively cheaper than the expenditure on whole photo voltaic programs.

6. Minimal Alternative Prices

While you set up photo voltaic panels, chances are you’ll face conditions the place your photo voltaic inverter stops functioning after its guarantee interval. In such circumstances, it’s not all the time potential to switch it with the identical sort of inverter. So you possibly can go for a photo voltaic inverter with a decrease capability score that can work completely with the photo voltaic array, minimizing the substitute prices.

How a lot are you able to oversize?

When oversizing the PV array, you possibly can add as many panels as potential, contemplating it received’t exceed the inverter’s capability and enter voltage. Nonetheless, CEC has restricted oversizing the photo voltaic array to 133% of inverter capability. It means to learn from subsidies (Small Expertise Certificates) in your photo voltaic system’s upfront price in Australia, photo voltaic PV array capability shouldn’t exceed 133% of inverters rated output.

Furthermore, this 133% applies once you don’t have DC-coupled batteries. However with batteries, you possibly can prolong the boundaries as your potential to offset carbon emissions will increase. So you possibly can make the most of STCs on the extra photo voltaic modules.


Photo voltaic panels can get impacted by exterior components that lead to decrease DC energy and fewer AC output by the inverter. In such circumstances, oversizing your PV array is a cheap answer to maximise your system’s efficiency.

We hope all the explanations now we have mentioned above will enable you to grasp how oversizing a PV System profit in rising photo voltaic vitality output.